About Us

Near TV is the community television production arm of the Near Media Co-op

  • How do I become a volunteer in Community Television?

Anyone can get involved in Community Television, previous skills in television production are always helpful but not necessary as training and support are given. Before you can volunteer with us we do ask that you complete a short induction/training course (cost employed: 50 euro/ unemployed 25 euro).

  • How do I get access to equipment? Do I get assigned a role?

As a community television volunteer with Neartv you get access to equipment and support in television production. You can volunteer on crews with other volunteers as camera person, sound person, director or researcher, this is dependent on your own skills and interest.

The work you produced is broadcast on DCTV (UPC 802) and on the Neartv website.

  • I have my own idea for a show, can I get it made? 

All new ideas are welcome. If you have your own programme idea you can develop this and get support from other staff and volunteers.

  • Why get involved in Community Television?

One of the main aims of Community Television is to be an alternative to mainstream media. As an alternative we encourage more people to get involved and to make programmes that reflect their own interests rather then what is often seen on mainstream media.

We do this by giving access to equipment and a broadcast channel (DCTV on UPC 802) we don’t need to worry about advertisers or ratings so we can encourage volunteers to make work that interests them to build on the diversity and involvement of people in media.


Where do I sign up?

Please see the volunteering section for details on the next training session and how you can get involved.

NearTV also works with Community Groups

Community TV is about giving access to people to produce television programmes and have a real input into how they and their communities are represented.
We support Community Development through television production by working with community and youth groups in North Dublin. To facilitate self-expression through media.


Working with community groups
We visit a group and teach them groups how to build a visual story, use basic camera equipment and make a programme.

We tailor workshops to the requirements of any group we work with, varying length and content depending on their needs.

If you are part of a community group and would like more information please email us at tv@near.ie

Mission Statement

Provide an alternative to mainstream media, a voice for those underrepresented or excluded, through training and access to distribution facilities across all media platforms.

Serve our community through distinctive programming which honestly informs, and contributes to the entertainment, education and development of our community.

 Foster democracy and pluralism, global justice, media literacy and civil sociery appropriation of all media.

Work for social change, by promoting dialogue, encouraging artistic expression, offering alternative worldviews, and by acting as a forum for people who typically lack media access.

Defend the environment and human rights, particularly the right to communicate.

Ensure that we are editorially independent, accountable, transparent and participatory, respect the role of volunteers and the rights of workers and are linked to national and international media networks.

Support community building and values, interculturalism, and linguistic diversity.

Encourage exchange of diverse idea, creativity, local traditions and collective actions.

Resist discrimination, exclusion, violence and media enclosure.

Promote the development and use of new technologies and new communication and information services which lead to cultural democratisation.

Recognise the power of sound, image, and the spoken word to engage the mind and nurture the human spirit.


This project is supported by the CDVEC