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  • Farm4More – Europe in my Backyard

    Farm4More – Europe in my Backyard

    Farm4more is a four year agricultural pilot project. It is the first Irish-led life climate action project. Split evenly between partner organizations in Ireland and Austria. Aiming to Implement technologies, strategies and techniques to achieve climate mitigation and animal protein production with biochart pilot plant and green biorefineries. They aim to produce GHG reducing animal feed additives and process organic grass-silage into high value organic protein feeds. Delivering climate change mitigation impacts for the livestock industry. Jointly funded by the […]

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  • The FarmPEAT Project – Europe in my Backyard

    The FarmPEAT Project – Europe in my Backyard

    The FarmPEAT (Farm Payments for Ecological and Agricultural Transitions) Project is developing a locally-led, innovative, results-based farm scheme for farmers who manage lands that surround some of Ireland’s finest remaining raised bogs. Raised bogs represent one of the most valuable natural ecosystems in Ireland and the transition to agricultural lands that surround them can play an important role in maintaining and enhancing their long term conservation value. A NEAR MEDIA Co-op production for the Europe in my Backyard project to […]

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