Archiving Conference

Near Media Co-Op in partnership with CAPTCHA EU Culture Initiative and with the support of the Dublin Community Forum presented a morning dedicated to archiving, where we asked What is worth archiving? And we looked at some approaches to archiving in Ireland & Europe today. The outcomes/findings from the day will feed into the activities of the CAPTCHA EU Culture Initiative project. The Archive Seminar took place on Wednesday 30th April 2014 at the Teachers Club, Parnell Square, Dublin 1, Ireland.

A panel discussion opened by Kate Coyer from the Central European University in Budapest heard from professional archivists, national funders and community media activists. A Q&A and feedback session followed the panel giving attendees the opportunity to discuss what they feel is important material to archive. There followed facilitations with smaller groups to capture comment & themes for further exploration. The morning was rounded off by two workshops and then a compilation of feedback and final comments.


· Chaired by Ciaran Murray, Near Media Co-Op Overall Coordinator
· Jack Byrne, former chairperson, Near Media Co-op and former President, AMARC Europe (European association of community media broadcasters)

Kate Coyer is the Executive Director of Central European University’s Centre for Media and Communication Studies in the School of Public Policy.
· Dr Sandra Collins is the Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI).
Elizabeth Farrelly – Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
Grainne O’Malley – Station Manager, Connemara Community Radio
Gavin Byrne – fulltime IT coordinator with Near Media Co-Op
David Knox – Media Scientist