Culture Night 2019 Live – Emmet Bosonnet of Kopper Kreations Interview

Near TV and Near FM are proud to present to you Culture Night Live 2019.
In this live segment we have Emmet Bosonnet from Kopper Kreations, who uses recycled copper to make some amazing pieces of furniture and lighting in Dublin Ireland.
Emmet is here to tell us what Kopper Kreations is about and also what they’re up to for Culture Night.
Kopper Kreation is an industrial homewares brand that uses reclaimed and recycled materials to create unique and eye-catching homewares.
Emmet Bosonnet is the creator and founder. He is from Dublin, Ireland and has an honours degree in Engineering.
Emmet has always been inspired by industrial design and has a keen eye for practical and functional products.
Emmet loves the raw materials of Copper, Steel and Brass and is inspired by all things industrial and finding alternative uses for items that tend to be disregarded or sent to a recycling centre or landfill.

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