Our Northside Stories : Episode One

For Episode One – Amy Henry interviews her 14 year old daughter Ava, a champion boxer and Gaelic Football player, Paddy McGowan interviews Susan Malone whom he has walked with in the stardust walkers group for many years and Rebecca Blomfield interviews Hilde Van den Bergh, her neighbor and old friend.

This series is about connections. It’s about the friends or family members we don’t tend to mention until a toast at a wedding or birthday party. People we think highly of but might wait until they pass away to speak of in a reflective way. It’s not about great deeds or well-known people, but the lovely ordinary people we have in our lives who make us smile, help us through rough times or have overcome life’s challenges in a way we admire. People who may not be aware of the impact they have.

In each episode we are introduced to 3 different people who bring us into the lives of someone they admire. They introduce the person explaining why they have chosen them and we follow them as they go to meet the person to interview them and celebrate the impact they have had on their lives.