The Battle of Clontarf, A 1000 Years On

2014 was the millennium celebration of The Battle of Clontarf, an event which would change the course of Irish History.
To celebrate the millennium, local people from Clontarf hosted a series of events throughout 2014.

Near TV documented the events and caught up with some of the characters involved in bringing our history to life.

The Battle of Clontarf, A 1000 Years On.

Executive Producer:
Ciarán Murray

Elaine King

Peter Kelly
David O’Sullivan
Keith Diaz
Edd Kealy

Edited by
Peter Kelly

Assistant Editors
Eoin McDonnell
Enda McDonagh
Ken Glover

Edd Kealy

Visual Effects
Peter Morrissey

Eoin McDonnell

Lee Kearns

Martha Herranz

Collette Gill
Iain Barber
John Rogers
Ian Sargent
Lodinn Jotunn
Eleanor Hayes
Mark Kelly
Dennis McIntyre
Paul Kavanagh
Mick Harford
Barry Gaynor
Tamas Szinyeri
Paul Maher

Special Thanks to

Clontarf Historical Society
Raheny Historical Society
Fingal Living History
Ardglass Viking Association
Dublin City Council
Clontarf Yacht Club
The Big Dig
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